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Just like we handpick our waxologists, we assemble other experts to make our business run as smooth as your skin after a LunchboxWax Brazilian. That’s pretty smooth.

  • Chelsea Carlson Accountant
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    Chelsea Carlson Accountant
  • Troy Custer VP Technology
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    Troy Custer VP Technology

    Born when Joy to the World was topping the charts and Jim Morrison was making life’s grand exit in a Paris hotel, Troy Custer was a product of the ’70s, a passionate Italian mother, a private investigator father, nuns posing as teachers and a mix of California and Idaho living. Troy sought diversity and a fresh perspective by way of The Art Institute of Seattle and found his way back to Boise – wide-eyed and poor – to start a graphic design career. In just over two decades, this award-winning film director has blended his passions for art and technology. He’s collected business cards from a newspaper, a paper company, a television station, four sports teams, a couple of ad agencies and two network engineering firms. Under his own agency, Troy has helped build infrastructures for Fortune 500 companies, built websites, music videos, movie scripts and of course, business cards. As LunchboxWax’s Technology Director, Troy is vaulting Ms. Box to the forefront of retail and marketing technology.

  • Christo Demetriades Chief Operating Officer
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    Christo Demetriades Chief Operating Officer

    Christo Demetriades is a highly successful entrepreneur who has demonstrated exceptional executive leadership spanning a spectrum of international commerce. Through visionary executive leadership, he has created, owned and sold successful businesses in the global arena, utilizing his formidable understanding of international finance, law and business protocol. Underscored by a strong accounting background, Demetriades advances company profitability by analyzing and reducing costs, maximizing revenues or restructuring, when appropriate, to optimize profitability. Over the past 30 years Demetriades has led several franchise companies in the service, restaurant and health & fitness sectors around the world. Joining LunchboxWax Franchise in 2018, Demetriades oversees company operations, fiscal activities and business strategies to meet goals and projections. Specifically, Christo rolls up his sleeves to oversee distribution, construction, real estate, finance and franchise sales teams to make LunchboxWax a leader in the personal services industry.

  • Natalie Dobbs Legal & Compliance Manager
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    Natalie Dobbs Legal & Compliance Manager

    Natalie's strong work ethic and organizational skills came into play early in her teens when she ran a successful swim school, coordinating class schedules, creating curriculum, managing the finances and learning to work with different personalities. After graduating from Utah Valley University she found herself working for law firms in California and Texas assisting in various areas of law, including real estate, probate, estate planning and corporate law. Natalie was a natural fit as Legal & Compliance Manager. She has a logical, process-oriented brain and enjoys creating systems that drive efficiency and workflows that streamline processes for future growth. She is a team player with a diverse administrative background. She has a vast business knowledge, which she uses to her advantage when solving problems or completing projects. After working in the tech industry as a project manager and working in law firms the stars aligned and she found herself in Boise working for LunchboxWax. She manages all legal affairs and compliance programs working closely with outside counsel and the executive management team. When she has any spare time she loves spending it with family and close friends, preferably outdoors.

  • Brian Evancic Creative Manager
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    Brian Evancic Creative Manager

    After growing up on the East Coast, Brian relocated to the Treasure Valley and quickly found the finer things in life — camping, hiking, grilling and almost any other fresh-air adventure. He’s a self-proclaimed family man, foodie, fly-fisherman and fantasy-footballer (in that order). Brian picked up a BFA from Boise State University, and for the better part of a decade, he’s been honing his design, photography and filmmaking skills in the marketing and advertising world. As an award-winning cinematographer, he’s had films submitted to the Sun Valley Film Festival and has worked on shooting documentaries for CBS. Creative innovation, storytelling and visual voodoo make him smile, and we consider ourselves damn fortunate to see his pearly whites every day at LunchboxWax. Brian leverages his considerable visual experience at LunchboxWax to design advertising and marketing collateral, generate original art through photography for LunchboxWax websites and social media channels, and provide video production support for both internal and consumer-facing multimedia projects.

  • Lumi Fenesan Executive Salon Director
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    Lumi Fenesan Executive Salon Director

    A native Romanian whose independent and curious nature took her to Sun Valley from Bucharest in 2003 shortly after graduating law school, Lumi Fenesan has been with LunchboxWax since its inception. Lumi started in 2007 as a salon manager in LunchboxWax CEO Debi Lane’s Ketchum/Sun Valley-based day spa before transitioning to salon director for LunchboxWax in 2010. In her current role as executive salon director and lead esthetician, she works to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of salon services and to foster guest relationships.

  • Ashlee Gillespie Marketing Coordinator
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    Ashlee Gillespie Marketing Coordinator

    A love for a good brand is what drew Ashlee into Lunchbox in 2017. She started as a marketing intern and took on the role of running their social media while at school. After getting a degree in public relations and marketing from the University of Idaho, she returned to home in Boise and knew where she wanted to land post-grad. With skills and experience in marketing and PR campaigns, media relations, social media and a passion for writing, Ashlee is ready to take Lunchbox’s marketing efforts to the next level as Marketing Coordinator. She believes that the Lunchbox culture is contributing to her ability to become a successful, independent woman and is driven to be the best version of herself by learning something new everyday. Her ideal day is one filled with music, sushi, a sunset and loved ones.

  • Kristan Henderson VP Franchise Development
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    Kristan Henderson VP Franchise Development
  • Debi Lane Founder & CEO
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    Debi Lane Founder & CEO

    LunchboxWax CEO Debi Lane showed her entrepreneurial mettle as early as 19, when she opened up her own travel agency. Since that time, she has worked in international sales and marketing and has owned and operated a variety of successful businesses in travel and tourism, recruiting and for the past decade, in the day spa and waxing industry. Now, thanks to Debi’s vision, persistence and resilience, waxing is no longer an after-thought or an add-on at salons and spas. Instead, this self-made entrepreneur channeled her acute business sense and perfected her unique speed-waxing technique to create a chic salon concept devoted singly to the art of waxing. Debi opened her first LunchboxWax in Boise, Idaho, in 2010, quickly followed by two other Idaho salons in Ketchum/Sun Valley and Eagle. With a head-turning brand and industry-revolutionizing vision in tow, she launched the LunchboxWax franchise concept in 2013 to offer an empowering business model for other like-minded entrepreneurs who want the freedom of owning a business with the support of proven knowledge and resources.

  • Jinell Pecsek VP Salon Development
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    Jinell Pecsek VP Salon Development

    New places, new people. That’s Jinell’s thing, thanks to her family’s perpetual (and contagious) travel bug she caught at an early age. Couple that with Jinell’s eclectic work background that proves her belief of life-long education, and she’s built to help build LunchboxWax educational programs, materials and support for waxologists. Jinell’s diverse vita includes training and orientation, strategic planning for a national non-profit youth leadership program, managing a project to fully automate a library collection and helping oversee education and sales training for another franchise. She’s even co-published a small weekly newspaper. Through it all, this tenet remains true: Jinell believes learning should be fun, and she believes it still as she empowers LunchboxWax waxologists to grow their own “business within the business.”

  • Lily McNeil Waxologist Development Manager
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    Lily McNeil Waxologist Development Manager

    Since the early days of giving makeovers to classmates in grade school, Lily has had a passion for transformation and beauty. She started her career as a waxologist at LunchboxWax’s flagship location in 2015. Her natural leadership skills, ability to coach our unique waxing technique, and passion to drive business in the beauty industry has quickly propelled Lily forward into her role as waxologist development manager. Through her depth and compassion, Lily has an incredible capacity to communicate and relate to waxologists to help them succeed. Along the way, she continues to embrace new projects and contribute to our existing programs.

  • Carrie Morgan VP Culture & Leadership
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    Carrie Morgan VP Culture & Leadership

    Carrie Morgan is an executive coach, business consultant and speaker who assists individuals to leverage personal brilliance, develops teams to leverage powerful collaboration and teaches leaders to leverage intentional leadership for personal fulfillment and organizational success. In addition to editing and co-authoring transformational and self-help books, Carrie has created successful business consulting and executive coaching firms in Seattle and Boise. From these experiences have come several nationally recognized programs and methods for clients such as a restaurant chain with 195 stores in four states, an agency dedicated to reorienting convicted inmates to become productive citizens, and an International Women’s Leadership Project. Carrie is constructing and overseeing leadership development programs for the executive team and LunchboxWax franchisees to emphasize the importance of self-awareness, intention, energy and accountability as key leadership strategies.

  • Ben Morrison VP Finance
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    Ben Morrison VP Finance

    Born in Texas and raised in New Mexico, Ben relocated to the great state of Idaho to follow the girl who would later become his wife. Having spent more years than he’d care to admit working for both large and small organizations, he’s learned the value of having strong systems and procedures in place. He’s an operations-minded accountant who loves getting involved in the day-to-day challenges and opportunities of LunchboxWax as much as he enjoys contributing to it long-term growth and financial strength. When he’s not grinding away in his office, you’ll find him coaching soccer, reading or road tripping. He’s got an obnoxious puppy, a wily cat, two beautiful daughters and a wonderful wife that make everything worthwhile.

  • Shaunalee Shipman VP Marketing
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    Shaunalee Shipman VP Marketing
  • Zach Shippy Distribution Manager
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    Zach Shippy Distribution Manager
  • Amber Wendel Corporate Trainer
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    Amber Wendel Corporate Trainer

    Born and raised near the banks of Plum Creek (yes, like Laura Ingalls Wilder), Amber enjoyed small-town life from elementary school through college where she got her bachelor’s in psychology. With that degree, she enjoyed three fun, fast-paced years as a preschool teacher where she loved forming meaningful relationships, not only with the children, but the parents who trusted her to enrich their childrens’ lives. Amber has always had a passion for learning and instilling a love of learning in others. Her strengths in the areas of parent rapport and peer mentoring fit well into making new LunchboxWax guests feel comfortable and training new waxologists to do the same.

  • Kaitlyn Werlinger Training Administrator
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    Kaitlyn Werlinger Training Administrator

    Kaitlyn attended CWI for an associates degree in business management. A love for animals and the outdoors, secured Kaitlyn a place in the State Idaho agriculture industry. She worked for the state and an agriculture-based non-profit for 4 years where she sharpened her administrative and organizational skills. Looking to renew a spark of energy she took a leap of faith and landed at LunchboxWax headquarters in downtown Boise, ID. Precision driven, she is helping LunchboxWax grow it's training systems and lending support to her amazing team. She loves her 2 cats, 2 dogs (a Husky & a Border Collie), and many fish. In the summer she enjoys maintaining her garden and patio space. She also enjoys all the recreations Idaho has to offer in all seasons from hiking in the snow covered foothills, to hunting and fishing during the summer and fall in the mountains.

  • Mike Zoob Operations Director
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    Mike Zoob Operations Director

    Mike Zoob is a graduate from the University of Arizona where he received his degree in Real Estate and Finance. He is considered a tactical real estate business partner with significant national B2B Sales and Marketing experience. He has accumulated over three decades of hospitality experience and relationships from real estate where he primarily focused on providing business strategies and solutions for clients. Zoob is a transformational thinker and early adopter who quickly builds deep meaningful relationships with diverse stakeholders. He was quickly drawn in to the Lunchbox culture and its brand transparency that creates trust, collaboration and genuine loyalty. Mike, Debi and Christo work to exude conscious-thought leadership that embraces people, change, innovation, growth, diversity and purpose. He inspires others with respect and integrity that encourages and influences others to embrace innovative solutions and “people first hospitality."