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Great things happen when you choose to do one thing and do it well. That’s why we believe our LunchboxWax waxologists are the best. They’re committed to their craft and your happiness.

  • Debi Lane Founder & CEO
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    Debi Lane Founder & CEO

    LunchboxWax CEO Debi Lane showed her entrepreneurial mettle as early as 19, when she opened up her own travel agency. Since that time, she has worked in international sales and marketing and has owned and operated a variety of successful businesses in travel and tourism, recruiting and for the past decade, in the day spa and waxing industry. Now, thanks to Debi’s vision, persistence and resilience, waxing is no longer an after-thought or an add-on at salons and spas. Instead, this self-made entrepreneur channeled her acute business sense and perfected her unique speed-waxing technique to create a chic salon concept devoted singly to the art of waxing. Debi opened her first LunchboxWax in Boise, Idaho, in 2010, quickly followed by two other Idaho salons in Ketchum/Sun Valley and Eagle. With a head-turning brand and industry-revolutionizing vision in tow, she launched the LunchboxWax franchise concept in 2013 to offer an empowering business model for other like-minded entrepreneurs who want the freedom of owning a business with the support of proven knowledge and resources.

  • Natalie Dobbs Executive Assistant to CEO
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    Natalie Dobbs Executive Assistant to CEO

    Independent and curious to the core, Natalie’s fondest childhood memories are of roaming her Idaho neighborhood with her six siblings. Her strong work ethic and her strong organizational and management skills came into play early when, as a swim teacher in her teens, she was coordinating class schedules, creating curriculum and learning to work with different personalities. Fast forward a few decades and after college, Natalie found herself working for law firms in California and Texas, assisting in various areas of law, including real estate, probate, estate planning and corporate law, and also co-owned and managed a real estate appraisal business. Natalie eventually found her way back to Boise, and most recently worked as a project manager for digital agency. The stars aligned, and now LunchboxWax Founder + CEO Debi Lane has the honor and pleasure of having Natalie by her side to assist in the daunting-but-exciting schedule befitting the leader of a thriving, young franchise.

  • Lumi Fenesan Executive Salon Director
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    Lumi Fenesan Executive Salon Director

    A native Romanian whose independent and curious nature took her to Sun Valley from Bucharest in 2003 shortly after graduating law school, Lumi Fenesan has been with LunchboxWax since its inception. Lumi started in 2007 as a salon manager in LunchboxWax CEO Debi Lane’s Ketchum/Sun Valley-based day spa before transitioning to salon director for LunchboxWax in 2010. In her current role as executive salon director and lead esthetician, she works to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of salon services and to foster guest relationships.

  • Carrie Morgan VP Culture & Leadership
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    Carrie Morgan VP Culture & Leadership

    Carrie Morgan is an executive coach, business consultant and speaker who assists individuals to leverage personal brilliance, develops teams to leverage powerful collaboration and teaches leaders to leverage intentional leadership for personal fulfillment and organizational success. In addition to editing and co-authoring transformational and self-help books, Carrie has created successful business consulting and executive coaching firms in Seattle and Boise. From these experiences have come several nationally recognized programs and methods for clients such as a restaurant chain with 195 stores in four states, an agency dedicated to reorienting convicted inmates to become productive citizens, and an International Women’s Leadership Project. Carrie is constructing and overseeing leadership development programs for the executive team and LunchboxWax franchisees to emphasize the importance of self-awareness, intention, energy and accountability as key leadership strategies.

  • Jinell Lanier Continuing Development Director
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    Jinell Lanier Continuing Development Director

    New places, new people. That’s Jinell’s thing, thanks to her family’s perpetual (and contagious) travel bug she caught at an early age. Couple that with Jinell’s eclectic work background that proves her belief of life-long education, and she’s built to help build LunchboxWax educational programs, materials and support for waxologists. Jinell’s diverse vita includes training and orientation, strategic planning for a national non-profit youth leadership program, managing a project to fully automate a library collection and helping oversee education and sales training for another franchise. She’s even co-published a small weekly newspaper. Through it all, this tenet remains true: Jinell believes learning should be fun, and she believes it still as she empowers LunchboxWax waxologists to grow their own “business within the business.”

  • Tina Maxwell Quality & Training Director
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    Tina Maxwell Quality & Training Director

    Tina Maxwell had her sights set on LunchboxWax as her top choice directly after receiving her esthetician license in 2010. As her goal-centric personality suggests, this Idaho native helped open the first LunchboxWax salon and has since been with the team in various ascending roles. In her current position, Tina ensures effective and efficient communication of quality processes and standards. In addition, Tina coordinates and oversees all aspects of training and continued education for LunchboxWax franchisees and estheticians. Tina instills proven LunchboxWax Speed Waxing methodologies in the growing LunchboxWax team and also identifies initiatives and technique trends in the beauty industry to ensure the corporation’s continued relevance and evolution. By the book and from the heart, Tina taps her organizational prowess and ever-growing empathy that was born when she herself was a first-time business owner.

  • Amber Wendel Technique Trainer
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    Amber Wendel Technique Trainer

    Born and raised near the banks of Plum Creek (yes, like Laura Ingalls Wilder), Amber enjoyed small-town life from elementary school through college where she got her bachelor’s in psychology. With that degree, she enjoyed three fun, fast-paced years as a preschool teacher where she loved forming meaningful relationships, not only with the children, but the parents who trusted her to enrich their childrens' lives. Amber has always had a passion for learning and instilling a love of learning in others. Her strengths in the areas of parent rapport and peer mentoring fit well into making new LunchboxWax guests feel comfortable and training new waxologists to do the same.

  • Lily McNeil Waxologist Development Trainer
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    Lily McNeil Waxologist Development Trainer

    Since the early days of giving make-overs to classmates in grade school, Lily has had a passion for transformation and beauty. Being a driving force in her life, that passion took her from cutting hair as a third grader to enrolling in an esthetic program at 18. Her innate fast pace and interest in skin care drew her to waxing. She started her career as a waxologist at LunchboxWax’s flagship location. It wasn’t long before Lily discovered that being of service and helping other people grow was where her heart truly was. Her natural leadership skills and rich understanding of what drives business in the beauty industry propelled Lily forward into her role as a waxologist development trainer. In this role, she guides and empowers new waxologists to strive and be accountable for their own success.

  • Terrence Groth Chief Operating Officer
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    Terrence Groth Chief Operating Officer

    With 20 years of product and project management experience in his career pocket, Terrence Groth brings a mix of traditional acumen and quick-fire, start-up, boot-strap abilities to LunchboxWax. Known for delivering high-quality, cost-effective product execution, Terrence has been an operations leader in both fledgling and Fortune 500 companies and has managed multiple product lines and divisions from conception through the entire lifecycle. His natural inclination to make sense of complex organizational and business planning keeps LunchboxWax clipping along at a comfortably chaotic pace when it comes to product and process development, procurement, strategic materials management, manufacturing, distribution and logistics.

  • Kari Leeming Product & Design Manager
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    Kari Leeming Product & Design Manager

    Ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil or strong enough to move a dresser, Kari Leeming has been a perpetual doodler and chronic room re-arranger. Even still, this quick-witted task master is drawn to the many facets of design, whether it be fashion, interior, art, graphics or even photography. As product & design manager at LunchboxWax, Kari’s indelible stamp and phenomenal flair is woven through the products, the layout and the details that make each LunchboxWax salon instantly recognizable and eternally lovely. With a bachelor’s in business management in tow, Kari blends her eye for detail, spatial awareness, sense of what works in the marketplace and what creates the perfect visual vibe to ensure all LunchboxWax salon and skin products are of exceptional quality.

  • Cheryl Knobel Distribution Manager
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    Cheryl Knobel Distribution Manager

    Cheryl grew up in Idaho’s Treasure Valley where she developed a love for the outdoors. She spent her early career working for the Forest Service as a fire prevention officer and the U.S. National Park Service as an emergency dispatcher. These experiences helped her create a tremendous sense of accountability and integrity as well as a foundation for logistical knowhow and customer support. After stints in Idaho’s wilderness and in Portland, Oregon, Cheryl moved back to Boise in 2008 where she began working in distribution and inventory management for several companies. Her reputation in the field made her a hand-picked candidate; she was recruited by LunchboxWax in June 2015. She brings with her a strong background and desire to see LunchboxWax grow by building and developing long-lasting relationships with vendors and franchisees. In this role and with seven years of prior logistics experience, Cheryl evaluates suppliers and manages stock levels, delivery times and transport costs. Her acute eye for detail and natural inclination for efficiency helps her to assess data to evaluate performance and quality and to continually improve processes and business performance, making her a key contributor to LunchboxWax operations during early and rapid growth.

  • Jentry Hull Finance Manager
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    Jentry Hull Finance Manager

    Jentry Hull is a seventh-generation Idahoan, born in Boise and grateful for the many opportunities this community has afforded her family. Early on, Jentry excelled in advanced math classes and eventually found her career path in accounting at Boise State University. Jentry worked at a law firm, a CPA firm and a large concrete company before launching her own accounting business and partnering with many prominent and successful Boise establishments. This foundation made working for LunchboxWax a natural fit. Jentry joined LunchboxWax as Finance Manager and her attention to detail, proficiency and solid business sense sets high standards for the team to find success in a fast-paced market and economy. Jentry loves how the LunchboxWax culture of teamwork, positive communication and office enthusiasm can make a “number crunching” job exciting.

  • Jamie Dillon VP Marketing
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    Jamie Dillon VP Marketing

    A 20-year marketing veteran, Jamie Dillon has spent the bulk of her career putting pen to paper and crafting messaging in a variety of industries. Shortly after earning a communications and journalism degree, Jamie cut her teeth at weekly and daily newspapers before transitioning to public relations and marketing. She has written for and has helped develop and execute successful marketing campaigns for many organizations, including the nation’s largest tradeshow, marketing agencies, regional business publications, non-profits and startups. She worked as managing editor of two Idaho lifestyle magazines and still dabbles in a little magazine work here and there. Most importantly, she is thrilled to use her words and marketing acumen to help take the LunchboxWax brand and story to a national audience.

  • Troy Custer Creative Director
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    Troy Custer Creative Director

    Born when Joy to the World was topping the charts and Jim Morrison was making life’s grand exit in a Paris hotel, Troy Custer was a product of the ’70s, a passionate Italian mother, a private investigator father, nuns posing as teachers and a mix of California and Idaho living. Troy sought diversity and a fresh perspective by way of The Art Institute of Seattle and found his way back to his Boise – wide-eyed and poor – to start a graphic design career. In just shy of two decades, this award-winning film director collected business cards from a newspaper, a paper company, a television station, four sports teams, a couple of ad agencies and a network marketing company. Under his own agency, Troy has created websites, music videos, movie scripts and of course, business cards. As LunchboxWax's creative director, Troy is putting Ms. Box in places she’s always wanted to go, helping her to garner national attention along the way. In short, she’s never looked so good.

  • KC Covert Marketing Manager
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    KC Covert Marketing Manager

    KC Covert enjoys building a brand as much as she loves putting pins on the map each time she touches down in a new city, making her a perfect fit for her role as LunchboxWax marketing manager. After stints in Virginia, Washington and California supporting a wide variety of large and small brands in entertainment, automotive, consumer packaged goods, and health and beauty, this Michigan native made her way to Boise to work as the primary liaison between LunchboxWax’s corporate marketing team and franchisees nationwide. In this role, KC guides franchisees as they leverage the national brand in local markets and lends her creativity to content creation and management on a variety of platforms. Although she now calls Idaho home, she still frequently gets her travel fix by spending time with franchisees at newly opened salons coast to coast.

  • Brian Evancic Media Designer
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    Brian Evancic Media Designer

    After growing up on the East Coast, Brian relocated to the Treasure Valley and quickly found his finer things in life — camping, hiking, grilling and almost any other fresh-air adventure. He’s a self-proclaimed family man, foodie, fly-fisherman and fantasy-footballer (in that order) and an award-winning cinematographer and designer. Brian picked up a BFA from Boise State University, and for the better part of a decade, he’s been honing his design, photography and filmmaking skills in the marketing and advertising world. As an award-winning cinematographer, he’s had films submitted to the Sun Valley Film Festival and has worked on shooting documentaries for CBS. Creative innovation, storytelling and visual voodoo make him smile, and we consider ourselves damn fortunate to see his pearly whites every day at LunchboxWax. Brian leverages his considerable visual experience at LunchboxWax to design advertising and marketing collateral, generate original art through photography for LunchboxWax websites and social media channels, and provide video production support for both internal and consumer-facing multimedia projects.