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About LunchboxWax

At LunchboxWax, we make it our mission to help people achieve smooth skin and beautiful brows in mere minutes. We are a full-service, speed-waxing salon that caters to both men and women who are selective when it comes to personal care. We offer a range of services to address any hair removal need. From brows to bums, cheeks to chest, we help our guests get smooth — and stay that way for weeks. Because waxing is all we do, our carefully selected and expertly trained waxologists are masters of their craft. For guests, this translates to unparalleled services in a one-of-a-kind setting. For franchisees, it means loyal, happy clientele.

What makes LunchboxWax unique?

LunchboxWax CEO and Founder Debi Lane saw the need for a wax-only salon after owning and operating her multi-service day spa for years. In 2010, she launched LunchboxWax, and in 2013, the company started awarding franchises. We take great pride in helping our wax salon franchisees succeed at running their own waxing business, assisting with everything from site selection to ongoing mentorship and comprehensive training.

At LunchboxWax, we strive to provide a truly unique experience for our guests and our LunchboxWax Franchise Owners by offering:

  • Modern, chic, thoughtfully designed salons
  • One-of-a-kind speed-wax techniques and services
  • A selection of specially formulated pre- and post-wax skincare products
  • Extensive training for our waxologists and franchisees
  • A refined, proven business strategy that’s centered on you
LunchboxWax Success Symbol

Beautiful. Collaborative. Purposeful.

We move together aligned as a tribe, as allies who support the strength and integrity of the whole and work to make each other smarter and more brilliant and more successful. We listen. We join together. We support each other and extend this authentic, genuine sense of unity to everyone near us.

Group meeting at a table
“We’re redefining what success means in business by placing a priority on focusing on each person’s EQ, or emotional intelligence as well as their ability to run and grow a business.”

Debi Lane LunchboxWax Founder & CEO

LunchboxWax Market

Mom always said you are the company you keep, so we’re selective about our expertly trained waxologists as well as where we open our salons. You’ll find us in affluent, progressive communities. So, if there’s a LunchboxWax in your ‘hood, congratulations. That means you’re pretty amazing. If not and you’re interested in bringing a salon to your area, check out where we’re looking to expand!

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Waxing and Raising Eyebrows

Since our brand’s inception, we’ve been pushing the envelope and setting trends, thanks in part to Ms. Box, the cheeky, unmistakable face of LunchboxWax. With a universal look and chic, daring vibe, Ms. Box represents what we’re most passionate about: empowering our guests, our salon owners and everyone around us.

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LunchboxWax Love

  • LunchboxWaxLunchboxWax “I love owning my own business and being financially secure, but I also love being connected to this network of smart, successful men and women.”
  • LunchboxWaxLunchboxWax “Watching our waxologists thrive and grow professionally and personally is a phenomenal feeling that ranks up there with any other success I’ve had in my life.”
  • LunchboxWaxLunchboxWax “As a LunchboxWax franchisee, I feel sure of myself and confident I’m doing what I can for my present and my future.”
  • LunchboxWaxLunchboxWax “We learned about LunchboxWax, and we instantly thought it’d be a fit for our community. Then we went into one of the salons to see for ourselves, and there was no doubt this would be our next adventure.”
  • LunchboxWaxLunchboxWax “Walk into any LunchboxWax salon, and the competence, confidence and kindness is palpable.”
  • LunchboxWaxLunchboxWax “The LunchboxWax energy resonates and tells this great story. It’s natural to want to be a part of it.”